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Assalamualaikum SAHABAT LADANG AMAL ….

Ruqyah’ is a become conscious of treating diseases by device of Qur’ānic āyāt also invocations as prescribed by a Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم. It presents a cure for atrocious mediate, magic also bodily ailments.
a Qur’ān offers ideal solace to a believer – both spirtually also physically. Ruqyah must attributable to this truth play an foremost role inside our lives. Allah جل جلاله says: “also relate: a fact has advance, also falsehood has vanished. No doubt falsehood is ever dawdle to vanish by its very nature. also our send down inside a Qur’ān that which is a cure also a mercy for a believers.” (17: 81-2)
As smartly offering a cure, Ruqyah is an fabulous manner for a believers to form their Imān also reaffirm their tawhīd for Allah جل جلاله. Certainly wanting for therapy by device of a .جل جلاله Qur’ān demonstrates full belief inside a E book of Allah
a Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم talked about: “Destroy factual employ of a two cures: honey also a Qur’ān.” (Ibn Mājah)


Earlier than paying consideration to Ruqyah made a scheme youre are listening as a therapy also query Allah to provide youre Shifa also solve your all issues.
– At a same time as youre happen to feel anything inside a path of a Ruqya it is miles a factual mark no topic what youre feel so has faith not anguish also has faith not fright nothing can injure youre, Holy Quran is for healing/shifa.
– Please hearken to a Ruqya with full concentration also focus, hearken to each also every word, also imagine it is penetrating your soul also your coronary heart.
— Assist paying consideration to this ruqyah except a scrape is solved also a more u listen also focus a more this would possibly possibly per chance well well support.
–made 5 times Salah Namaz on time also Learn just a few istighfar also salwaat alan nabi day to day Insha Allah u will feel higher.
–Whenever youre contain renowned any wretchedness, reactions, or actions inside a path of a ruqyah, it is miles highly imaginable that youre has been inflicted with magic, jinn, blockages, sihr, atrocious mediate. our then suggest that youre hearken to this ruqyah each also each day also cure your self.

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Ladang Amal

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